Art Tour Reviews

Some comments from our past Art Tour clients:



I have come back from our Victorian Art Travels full of enthusiasm for painting again, going out every single day to wonderful, and so varied landscapes is really motivating.  Even if I didn't paint, the talks by Ross on photography with the iPhone, and how to improve the composition of each shot, was terrific and I haven't even mentioned the wonderful food and wines - all checked out by Pam and Ross before they booked our holiday.  I don't really think you need to be a painter to love their trips, but if you are it will definitely take your work to a new level.

I can't wait for the next trip.    

Denise Heffernan


Want an Art holiday with a difference? I have just returned from the above Art Trip with Pamela Fairburn (Watercolour and Mixed Media Artist) and husband Ross. Their trips are well planned. Accommodation excellent - meals good - various adventures along the way and daily painting stops in great locations.

Pamela paints with us, so is handy to give us advice if we ask. On our last night we had an Exhibition – everyone painted about 10 paintings each so with 9 Artists we had a great variety of styles and mediums. Ross took photos of every painting!

Painting in new areas helps to stimulate the senses. I went home with lots of photos, many paintings and happy memories. This is the seventh Trip I have been on with Pamela, so why not think about this for your next Art holiday?

Rosemary Keegan




Pam and Ross had organised a wonderful tour. Having been a tour operator myself, I knew the hard work that could go on behind the scenes and yet they handled everything with the professional aplomb that comes with experience.
So much inspiration Pam….I’ll draw on it for years to come!

Susie Deveport

The three weeks spent with you and the rest of the group was just the happiest of times and the credit for that goes directly to both of you.  I am well aware that behind our easy flowing fun filled days lies an enormous amount of effort and hard work over many months prior to our trip and which continues right up to our final day.

I loved everything about Portugal, the people, the scenery, the wonderful accommodation, the art classes, the food and wine and especially your company...thank you both so much for a wonderful three weeks.
Julie Ward



Thanks Pam & Ross for a fabulous trip, enjoyed every minute, looking forward to the next one!
Sue & Vic Hancock


Well………….it certainly was a colourful tour -  from the bright fluorescent neon lights of Las Vegas, the multi-coloured rock formations of The Grand Canyon and Sedona, the sandy colours of the Arizona Desert scattered with amazing flowering cacti,  to Santa Fe’s rusty coloured adobes with bright turquoise and blue shutters and doors.  It was a delight to use every colour on my paint palette!

Driving along “Route 66” to that tune, and others from that era, which Ross had compiled, all added to the enjoyment of Route 66 and the colourful landscape.

Pam and Ross superbly organised every minute detail of our trip.  The only decision for us to make was which brush and colour paint to use for our next masterpiece, or which golf stick to use.

I returned home having thoroughly enjoyed myself, pleasantly pleased with my “masterpieces”, with 1,000’s of photos on my camera but, most importantly, with many wonderful memories which I will treasure for ever.

Thank you so much Pam and Ross.

Virginia Ware


Having travelled with Pam on several overseas Art Trips in the past - I had great confidence that this would be a memorable trip.

And it was.

The accommodation at each of the US stops was excellent, thoroughly researched and ideally located. The degree of flexibility available on the Trip meant there were great options for those who were pursuing their Art - and for those who weren’t. Although Art–based, those of us not painting were able to fit golf, shopping, hiking, sightseeing and shows, into Pam’s very well structured itinerary.

The core of any travel is the company you are keeping - and Pam has a wonderful knack of grouping like-minded travellers who enjoy each other’s company and have a good time.

Pam and Ross’s wonderful leadership ensures all the prep has been done - and so the ‘holiday’ is just that!

I would thoroughly recommend Pam’s Art Trips.

She is a welcoming, inclusive, fun-loving, talented artist/teacher…and a great Tour director too!



I just wanted to send a few words to say how much I enjoyed the trip and your excellent organisation and warm company. Pam, your words of wisdom about painting were very helpful…I only wish I had joined earlier and had had more painting opportunities. Our time both in Santa Fe and in New York was very rewarding. 


I have left New York realising how much I missed seeing although we seemed to be busy every moment. Getting around took much longer than I imagined (of course the Subway is the way to go) The Chinese exhibition at the Met is apparently absolutely fabulous…I did not realise this when we were there. My friends showed me a wonderful article in Vogue and raved about it but we simply could not get back. I think it was more about the fashion side of art…so very interesting to me.  I guess you need weeks (possibly half a lifetime) in New York to see everything you want to see. At least we had a taste and a sense of the city. We did both the Uptown and Downtown loops on the hop off, hop-on bus and also a short ferry ride which was part of the deal.


There were lots of highlights on the trip. Our time on the “ranchito” and the trip to Taos. Loved that excursion to the Chelsea galleries and the great food at the Red Cat Cafe.  I have not forgotten my written piece for Ross. As everyone said, “my day” was another highlight with the painting in the park, lunch at the Boathouse etc. Ross, I will get it together early next week and send.


Warm regards and many thanks to you both. I look forward to the reunion whenever it happens.


Carolyn Lockhart


Travelling with Pam and Ross (and Adrienne) is easy.  They research the itinerary beforehand which means we only stay at the best and most interesting places.  On the Colours of America tour, I would certainly never have thought of going to Santé Fe and hadn’t even heard of Sedona.  Staying on the Grand Canyon for three days is certainly worth the time.  I can’t see how anyone would be able to appreciate the Canyon in a short day trip.  Looking forward to my next overseas adventure when all you have to do is pay your money and turn up at the airport. 

Jenny Palmer


In May 2015 Pamela and Ross organised a wonderful tour ‘Colours of America’ and I must say the title she used was perfect.
There were twenty of us including 4 non artists of which 3 were avid golfers. My husband came and even though he isn't artist he thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of the tour.
From day I in Las Vegas it was one huge COLOUR FEST! We didn't do any painting in Las Vegas as there was SO MUCH to see, glitz and glamour everywhere. We stayed at a glorious 5 star Hotel called the Mandarin and very much indulged. A group of us did the HOP ON HOP OFF BUS TOUR which was so full on my camera couldn't keep up with my clicking fingers. The meals, the shows we saw, and just all the outlandish jaw dropping buildings plus the neon lights everywhere was pretty spectacular.
From Las Vegas we crossed the continent by planes and coach tours passing through deserts staying at an amazing Hotel right on the edge of the Grand Cannon. We all managed some wonderful paintings both in watercolour acrylic and mixed media. Evenings, over wines and nibbles, Pam would always share her time and expertise to critique all our works. Meanwhile Ross was quietly working behind the scenes making sure all the buses, planes, accommodation tickets etc were all sorted for our onward journeys.
A memorable tour including a great coach trip on ROUTE 66!
The variety of places ie Sedona (a big favourite of mine) to the Nevada desert to see Frank Lloyd Wright's architectural school, to Taos where 6 Artists started an Art colony 100 years ago. We were lucky enough to visit a working Indian reservation and were taken around to some of their dwellings and listen to their horrendous past history and now the survival for future generations.
Santa Fe was another favourite of mine full of artist’s artworks and Great restaurants! A wonderful place to paint especially as some of the buildings (adobe houses) were unique to this part of the world. Pam organised some visits to museums and galleries and possibly my favourite was Georgia O'Keeffe's gallery (a famous American painter in the early to mid-twentieth century).
Our last place to visit was NEW YORK a paradise for painters and the arts in general. Pam had us all painting in Central Park as well as visiting icon museums like Metropolitan Museum and the Museum of Modern Art. We also visited contemporary art museums!
I wish I could write down everything but alas I am only to write a paragraph or two!
The whole trip was so memorable and thanks to Ross and Pam they excelled in every way to give us all an amazing experience! We all started out not knowing each other very well but soon enjoyed everyone's company.
If any of you have an opportunity to come on one of Pam's 'art adventures' you will have a wonderful time as they go out of their way to make each trip fun, full of laughter but above
All your paintings and art knowledge will be improved beyond belief!!

Annie Richards


Colours of America art tour is the second tour I have been on with Pamela. I travelled with her to France on the Impressions tour in 2012.

On each occasions I had a fabulous time.It is great to share her passion for art, travel, great hotels and local food.

Both trips were a great experience of learning about artists and art history. We also had plenty of exposure to contemporary art and artists. As well as creating art.

I look forward to another great art destination. 

Lesley Richman


2014 Mediterranean Art Escapade


“I had a chance to look through the photos from the trip tonight. There are some great ones – what fun we had! Although I was only able to do the France component, I wanted to let you know how fantastic the trip was.  Everything was so well thought through, from the locations, the side excursions to the dinner venues. The art component was wonderful, with a great mix of art relevant excursions and quiet time to stop and paint. It was truly a blessing to be able to come along and be completely self indulgent. Great fun and an amazing trip! Thank you.”

Julianne Ashworth


"In May 2014 my friend and I had the pleasure of experiencing the Mediterranean Art Escapade.

Not a day has gone by since we arrived home that I haven't thought about our wonderful trip.

Everyone was catered for and looked after with care - experienced artists, beginners, those who just have an appreciation of art, and knitters.

The accommodation, food, tours with breathtaking scenery, were first class - so many places the mainstream tours would not go.

It is difficult to choose a favourite as each place had its own WOW factor.

Thank you to Pam, Ross and Adrienne for all your planning and expertise that made for an amazing trip."

Genevieve Woodward


“I‘ve travelled with Pam a number of times. Every trip has been so carefully planned. Great accommodation and special places, not on the ‘usual’ tours. We had comfort, excitement and art tuition = wonderful!”

Eva Purnell 


Other Art Tours

“I have recently been a member of an art safari tour with Pamela to Central Australia. Pamela’s organisation for the trip was exceptional. This included tutorials, individual mentoring, de-briefing and demonstrations. The evening activities were always a surprise and enjoyed by all. I am hooked.”

Susan Lucena 


“I have had the privilege of experiencing the joy and fun of several of Pam Fairburn’s artists’ sojourns. Each day Pam expertly shares her wonderful knowledge of art with us, whilst encouraging us in our artistic efforts, as well as organising other entertaining activities, thus filling each day with many wonderful memories. I eagerly look forward to my French trip with Pam as I know she will once again organise another knowledgeable and memorable escapade. So exciting!”

Virginia Ware


Painting at Matisse's Villa in St. Paul de Vence was like a dream. The first day I painted the pink villa from the garden as it was such a lovely sunny autumn morning. Pam had arranged for us to have acrylics and canvas so we were all very enthusiastic about what we would paint.   The next day I painted in the studio upstairs and did the watercolour looking out the doors towards the hillside town of St. Paul de Vence with the Mediterranean in the distance!


My other favourite place is the port of Honfleur near the entrance to the River Seine. I had seen paintings by the English artist Edward Seago when he sailed across to Paris in his boat in the 1950's and was thrilled to be going there on our Creative Avalon river cruise. It was raining as we arrived but the clouds disappeared and out came the sun so we could see the picturesque port with all the reflections of the boats and houses around the harbour.


Pam and Adrienne gave us the trip of a lifetime with so many wonderful places to visit each day. The group had such a lovely time together enjoying the sights, painting, shopping and glorious food.    Can’t wait for the next trip!

Nerryl Roper (Art Impressions - France Tour 2012)